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Alan’s Blog: Celebrating 20 years of our Chorleywood shop

The pandemic brought forth immense challenges, testing us both personally and professionally.

Amidst the difficulties, there emerged a silver lining – the profound realisation of the significance of our local community and its businesses.

As we approach the milestone of 30 years in business and our 20th anniversary in Chorleywood in 2024, I reflect with immense pride on the journey of Ultimate Destinations.

We’ve weathered various storms, from ash clouds, earthquakes and airline troubles to wars, terrorism, and of course pandemics.

Each setback, met with resilience, has only fortified us, and this wouldn’t have been achievable without the support of our clients from Chorleywood and the neighbouring towns and villages.

Having spent 20 years of my working life in this community, I deeply appreciate its charm, with excellent shops, fantastic local businesses and a delightful common.

Chorleywood has rightfully earned the title of the most desirable place to live in the UK, as recognised by two national newspapers.

Community engagement and support for local initiatives hold a special place in my heart.

We contribute in various ways, from our whimsical collection of rubber ducks that never fails to bring smiles to passers-by, to the custom-built planter and horticulture project initiated about a decade ago.

Kudos to Chorleywood Parish Council for expanding on this initiative with additional planters, and huge thanks and respect to Lisa Stewart and her dedicated team of volunteers, who have also made positive changes to the plant life around the village.

Thanks also to Brigitte, at Brigitte Bott Photography, for her sincere efforts with the Hello Chorleywood website in bringing people, groups, charities and businesses in the surrounding areas together. We are delighted to have been featured in a recent piece.

Our pride in being part of the local community extends to our support for various causes, projects and partners. This includes our ongoing sponsorship of the Chorleywood Film Club, renowned for its brilliant yearly film programme.

We also collaborate with the equestrian centre at Little Bourne Farm and proudly work alongside the fabulous team at Chorleywood Bookshop. Their captivating programme of author events is truly wonderful for our community.

Keep an eye on our socials for updates on our celebratory anniversary plans at the store in 2024.




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