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Awards: Alan Haynes wins Carrier’s Managing Directors Award

Carrier are a leading specialist UK tour operator who curate exceptional bespoke and personal luxury travel experiences. We share values and an attention to detail to provide the very best service for our customers and Ultimate Destinations has been a proud partner for many years.

Carrier’s 2022 A-List Awards, recognising the outstanding contributions from their top performing associates from all over the country, were held at the prestigious BAFTA 195 in the heart of London’s West End.

I joined the great and the good of the travel industry and some of the finest brands in luxury travel, including headline sponsors Virgin Atlantic, Singapore Tourism and Atlantis The Royal Dubai, for an evening of glamour and celebration.

An enjoyable event culminated in a huge and memorable surprise when I was the recipient of the final presentation of the night – the illustrious Managing Directors Award, in recognition of our services to clients during the pandemic and our sales achievements.

To say I am chuffed would be an enormous understatement. This is a huge honour for us and would not have been possible without the loyalty and support of our fantastic clients and the dedication of the Ultimate Destinations team. I sincerely thank you all.

Here is a video of Carrier’s Managing Director, Natasha Towey, with the details...


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